About Us


Make buying and selling secondhand textbooks as simple as meeting new friends.


Being the first school-based secondhand textbook digital platform, you can find the textbooks that best fit your needs in seconds with our instant matching, filtering, packages and more for you to discover.


School-based platform with digital booklist

Differentiating Bookit from existing online platforms or traditional bookstores, Bookit is the first school based platform where we could tailor made our platform to meet the needs of different schools. As our partner school, a digital booklist of your school will be available to all your students. Students simply have to click a few buttons to select the books they want within a minute instead of spending hours in typing the textbook names, editions and authors with the risk of making mistakes. We hope to eliminate the existing barriers of buying and selling secondhand textbooks by taking away the tedious and time-consuming process and replacing it with a user-friendly mechanism in order to increase students’ incentive in utilizing secondhand textbooks.

User-oriented filtering and instant matching

To eliminate the long waiting process between buyers and sellers, we introduce the functions of filtering and instant matching for the sake of higher success rate of transaction. Bookit is in stark contrast with traditional bookstores which buyers have to visit different locations for all the books they need and sellers have to carry all the textbooks at once to a physical store. With Bookit, you can select your price range, number of suppliers and a wide variety of options to ensure that our platform can match you with the one that best fit your preference. All these matchings are done automatically with our app and you can get a potential match without spending hours aimlessly on the Internet. With user-centric in mind, we ensure there would be extremely high customization and flexibility for both buyers and sellers.

A one-stop shop which is non-profit oriented

Bookit, being a one-stop shop, provides not only matching services but also in-app chatroom to facilitate the communication process between buyers and sellers on transaction details. With all the convenience and efficiency that Bookit has, we are non-profit oriented in which no intermediary fee would be charged to both buyers and sellers as we are currently backed by the government funding. We hope to create a digital platform that directly benefit buyers and sellers. Leveraging on Bookit, buyers can buy secondhand textbooks at a cheaper price when compared to traditional bookstores and sellers can have higher monetary incentives in selling their old textbooks.

School Partnership


To become one of our partner schools, please either

(1) email to info@teambookit.org or

(2) fill in the online application here with the following information:

- Full school name (English)
- Full school name (Chinese)
- School address
- Email
- Contact number
- Contact person